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August 24, 2018

The JK Cement SwachhAbility Run draws it’s inspiration from the spirit of selfless service, epitomized by The Indian Army. Celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disablities, it is a unique run carrying a strong message about two important causes – inclusion of Divyangs as equal and Swachh Bharat. JK Cement SwachhAbility Run has two sub events. A 10 km and a 3 km run. The 10 km run is open for all to participate and the 3 km run will be especially for school children and for anyone who wishes to run a shorter distance. After the run, the participants will clean a designated area as a part of the Swachh Drive.

Let’s join hands to promote the ideas of inclusion and Swachhta to create a better India for our future generations. Please help spread the word and register to be a part of this noble initiative.

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