Kritika Khanna-“Feed the Soul with Positive Light and see the world follow”.

September 14, 2018

“Feed the Soul with Positive Light and see the world follow”.

What an amazing life it has been.. So much love around and positivity to bathe in.
I seem to be enjoying my life more after amputation…Haha..It’s altogether a new world to live in.
I was amputated after an accident back in year 2003. It was a morning that changed my vision of life. I was in the hospital waiting for my family to arrive, scared as one should be in such a situation where my veins were hanging in the air, foot separated. I was shattered to see it but tried to be calm as I had one thought in my mind which said immediately, “You have to stand for your parents, they are coming”. That one thought changed everything from that single minute and I am happy I did not crib or cry.

I knew I had lost something big in life and things will not be easy… there will be times when I would feel helpless and want to run and fly like I did. Being an avid dancer, sitting in one place was difficult. All I knew was this phase shall pass and I will come out much stronger. Easier said than done..It took me time to get back on track.

At that time I decided to concentrate on my studies and appear for the upcoming 12th exams, which unexpectedly I cleared with a good score. I started to progress in academics and finally did my MBA in Human Resources. I also worked in many organizations during the period and finally got selected to work in a Government Bank which changed another aspect of my life. That’s when my family realized I am independent enough to survive in this world. As parents, the fear for their daughter was genuine, how will she survive all alone, how will she commute on her own, she needs someone around every time, but I did everything I could to change their fear into the statement which I love when they say “We are proud of you”. This gives me a zeal to live more freely and happily knowing they are proud of me.

All these years there have been ups and downs but that’s how life should be. A stagnant life would be so dull with no adventure and nothing. I planned to enjoy life and started concentrating on my fitness. Every day was an adventure in the gym, trying exercises and enjoying the everyday accomplishments. Every evening I was on cloud nine after having won the day’s battle.

This spirit kept me going and achieving every day. Being a fitness freak, I decided to take it up to another level and participated in an event at the gym. That was truly transforming as I came to know about my abilities. I completed my very first walk of 3 km on crutches. What an amazing victory it was! All these small victories brought me closer to achieving bigger dreams. I kept working out and uploading videos on the Internet with a vision that there are people who need motivation, a boost of energy to get going.

All this kept motivating me to dream big. To my surprise, I got an opportunity to be a part of Asian Games Camp in Pune this year which was out of the world experience. My very first Rowing experience!! It was unbelievable. I was there in Pune all by myself ready to conquer, and learning a new sport, meeting the Golden Champs, Coaches and so many other people. I found a mentor Col Gaurav Dutta (Para Triathlete), who believed in me and gave me this opportunity. I am so grateful to him. For the very first time I moved out of my city leaving everyone in the family surprised. After all these experiences in life I learnt one thing- “Believe in your abilities”.

There are people who are looking up to us for inspiration. Be their light, give them wings, make them believe in their abilities. I have recently started live workout sessions on social media for all specially abled people. We together can achieve greater heights. There is nothing impossible for us. “We are stars of our own life”. Just believe in yourself and feed your soul with positive light and see the world follow it.

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