Naazim Khan- Exuding Optimism Amidst Odds

September 13, 2018

It was a morning in 1995, when I was born to Mr. Javed and Ms. Fouziya. The atmosphere was a happy one and everyone had great hopes in their hearts. In all the excitement, no one noticed that there was some problem in my limbs. It was only when my aunt opened the shawl of my body, that she noticed both my legs deformed. This created a silence in the family.

A real journey started from here. It was a challenge that my parents accepted. They consulted many highly qualified orthopedicians. Ultimately my left leg was amputated at the age 10 due to absent tibia bone. Though my right leg was spared by surgery.

Because of this disability I was not able to walk properly. When I was taken for admission in LKG at a Convent school, the Headmistress denied admission. My father took it to his head to get me admitted to the school and that changed my life. My school life continued with crutches and Jaipur foot on special occasions. I learnt riding a cycle at 13 years of age without any side supports. That was the happiest moment of my life. I used to ride a cycle to school in high school. For me, ups and downs were not a barrier then because I believed “Obstacles find ways”.

I continued my studies and stood meritorious, securing 92% in SSLC and 93% in PUC science. Further I cleared CET, JEE MAINS and Advanced after which choosing between Medicine or Engineering became a big question. I opted for a career in Medicine and hence “Life started in a hospital (for surgeries) and is still in a hospital (as a Doctor)”.

As a sportsman, I have always been enthusiastic to achieve. I have played at the State and National level in High school. I was a Throwball captain, football keeper, strong swimmer and a cyclist. I ended up opting for Table tennis as a Professional game. Presently, I have 3 National medals and have participated in 3 International championships, including Asian championship 2017 and the recently concluded Spanish Open 2018. I am currently ranked 3 class 7 in INDIA.

My journey of life came with lots of lessons but ultimately it is just a beginning of my destiny. I am ready to explore what future has for me.

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