I got vision, if not limbs - Tinkesh Kaushik

October 9, 2017

Champions are made from something they have deep inside them- a desire, a dream, a vision. They are the ones who keep going despite all the hurdles and choose never to stop. They are the ones who never let their capabilities be limited by their disabilities or negative thoughts. They break all the shackles of disbelief and set out with confidence to explore their potential to the maximum. Such is the story of Tinkesh Kaushik who, instead of keeping himself restricted, chose to challenge his abilities. Sharing with us his life journey, he says,

“I am Tinkesh Kaushik from Jhajjar Haryana. When I was 9 years old, I got electrocuted by 11000 volts electric shock when I was playing. The shock made me an amputee and took away both my legs below the knee and the left arm, above elbow. It was a huge loss at a tender age but I, somehow, managed to complete my studies and graduated in 2015.

In 2016, under the guidance of Dastagir Sir, I joined a group, The Challenging Ones, which had people like me as its members. TCO showed me a path to glory. It gave me a platform to explore my capabilities about which I was myself unaware of. I learnt to face the challenges I encountered as an amputee which in turn brought about a lot of positivity in me towards life. It was because of TCO that I was directed towards sports.

Once into sports, I regained my confidence and felt motivated. I could see a path I wanted to follow in my life even being an amputee. I started believing that I could achieve what any other normal human being could, or perhaps, even more. With that belief, I completed a 5km and 3 km marathon on Jaipur Foot.

TCO provided me a platform for my sports activities and Aditya Mehta Foundation, Hyderabad gave me the strength to keep going against every challenge in my life. The foundation provided me endolite prosthetics so that nothing stops me from fulfilling my dreams. It was then, when I participated in the 10 km marathon. There has been no looking back since then. I dream of achieving feats, I might not have even thought about as a normal human being.

Nowadays, I am working hard for Asian Para Cycling to be held in Hyderabad next year and I am being trained for the same by Aditya Mehta Foundation. I am also very much into fitness. My love for sports has made me believe in myself and I wish to give the same message to the people. Never give up in your life. Disability is never physical. It is all the matter of mind. Convince your mind to be strong and you will always find a way out of anything.”

Standing by his words, we believe that you are your only limit. Once you stop putting limits on your abilities, you will achieve what seemed to be impossible once. The body, inspite of its disabilities, achieves what the mind believes. So let not your mind be disabled by the negative thoughts. Let it not be a breeding ground for disbelief. Fill yourself up with a lot of confidence and will power and watch your lucky stars bow down in front of your hard work.

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