Manoj's Challenging Life Journey

December 20, 2018

Disability enables one to discover many new talents that were, otherwise, hidden. JK Cement SwachhAbility Run has been bringing in front of you those heroes who, despite being disabled, do not consider it a defect, but believe in moving forward in their lives by strongly facing it as a challenge. Manoj, one of such lively people, met with a tragic accident but his situation could not win in front of his courage. Manoj cannot walk, one can never say he is disabled, owing to his capabilities.

March 7, 1991, came like a dark day in Manoj Dawar’s life. From that day onwards, he is dependent on a wheelchair. Some people came to his house to ask for a donation and but went away giving a sorrow of a lifetime, which can never be forgotten. Recalling this incident, Manoj Dawar says, “Some people came to ask for a donation from Papa. My father told them that we would give it later. This led to an argument and they became abusive. The spat increased so much that their two bodyguards took out the pistol and shot. My father was at a distance, so he was saved but as I was standing closer, the bullet went through my left ribs to my spinal cord, because of which my spinal cord was broken “.

After 8-10 months of treatment in the hospital, Manoj became capable of sitting on the wheelchair so that he could carry out his daily activities. But he was still haunted by depression and sadness. The pain of losing his legs was a bitter one. The only one person who supported him in this ordeal was his mother. 22-year-old Manoj was given a new life by his mother. She taught him to walk again.

Manoj recalls, “ My mother did not differentiate between day and night and did all my work. There were no rehabilitation centers at that time but my mother helped me become self-sufficient.”

Manoj had a challenge of starting his life all over again in front of him. But the circumstances were quite different. He could not get along with his friends and relatives. His mother was his only support. Probably that is the reason they say that God is present in every house in the form of a mother.
Despite the start of a new life, Manoj came across failure at every turn. But he did not lose heart. Because he was determined that he would win, and that was the motivation that did not let him kneel down in front of his failure.

Manoj did not have any job, nor did he have any other work to invest his time in. Manoj always tried to start a new business and invested a lot of money, but was never successful. Manoj’s mother tried once more but this time his father refused to help. Though he agreed once convinced by Manoj’s elder brother. Manoj’s efforts finally bore fruit. He opened a salon and today, after 11 years, it is still running successfully.

In the beginning, Manoj faced many difficulties because people did not come to the salon. He even offered free services for some days but all went vain. This continued for 6 months. Once, he earned only Rs.60 throughout the day. But Manoj’s zeal has brought him to such a stage that today, he runs a gym along with the salon. The most special thing is that every person working in Manoj’s salon and gym is loyal to his work. Manoj personally takes care of every little thing so that none of his clients faces any problem. Manoj started enjoying his life when success knocked at his door. But this happiness did not last long. In 2008, Manoj’s mother passed away. The grief of losing a mother still makes him weak. But Manoj has engaged himself in his work and enjoys his work life. For him, his work is worship.
Manoj imparts with others, the same liveliness and passion with which he has lived his life. Manoj provides free counseling at hospitals. People believe that Manoj’s counseling has a very good effect on them. Many even consider him God.
Manoj has been very fond of music since childhood. Manoj is also passionate about traveling and is satisfied with his life today.

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