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August 24, 2018

The Challenging Ones (TCO) is a non-profit, self-help group of Indian Amputees conceived and started by Maj D P Singh, Indian Blade Runner in 2011 after he successfully completed his fourth, but first half marathon on blade prosthesis.

TCO Anthem: “I might be slow, but I will keep my flow. I won’t stop, till I reach the top”.
AIM: TCO works to instill confidence in amputees to empower them with requisite knowledge and confidence so that they come out of their sedentary life style, restricted due to losing a limb/limbs, and explore their full potential by indulging them in sports. It works on the principle of improving self in order to improve and change the world and transforming the “Physically Challenged” to “Challengers”.

In five years, TCO has grown into a family of 1400 amputees across India and more than 500 challengers have already participated in various marathons and other sports events in the country.

TCO works:

  1. To provide a platform of discussion to new amputees through Facebook and WhatsApp groups.
  2. To work as peer support group where TCO members personally visit new cases and inspire them by showcasing their abilities and actions.
  3. To push them towards sports and adventure activities. TCO believes that sports is the best way to boost morale, instil confidence and bring inclusion in society.

TCO uses the platform of marathons to build confidence and self-reliance in amputees. We help amputees participate and complete in 5 km category. Such runs help create awareness and appreciation from the participating runners and the public. This also helps in changing the public perception towards people with disabilities/Divyangs.

Inclusive Marathon: Currently, marathons do not allow PwDs/Divyangs to participate in any run category of their choice. In February 2016, Maj D P Singh convinced Mr Nagraj Adiga of New Delhi Marathon to open the categories for all Divyangs and let them decide their category. This enabled 35 Divyangs (wheel chair-bound runners and amputees) to take part in both 21 km and 5 km categories. This was a big step towards inclusion of Divyangs as equals. In 2017 too NDM saw participation of 65 Divyangs among other runners. TCO’s mission will continue until all Divyangs are seen as equals and disability gets redefined as: “Disability is not losing a part of body; it is rather not using the body parts to the fullest of potential”.

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